A New Way of Virtually Relating


Welcome to the first post in my blog originating from michael-david.org. Here I will share my heart with you and hope to enrich your life with insights I have gained from over 30+ years as Prophetic Psalmist, Messianic Believer, Composer, Producer, Inventor and Lover of God. As a harpist, I see myself as a troubadour hoping to woo the Bride of Messiah to fall more deeply in love with her Heavenly Bridegroom. The themes will range from the topics of “Understanding the Mystery of Israel”, “Throne Room Worship and Intercession”, and what I like to call “Quantum Faith”. In the fall many are going back to school, but those of us who are walking with God we are in a school of life-long learning, drawing closer to the heart of the Un-created One. Perhaps, you would consider joining one of these 3 steams at the KingsBridge Study Center. Sample study guides will be posted soon so you will be able to check out the platform we are offering you.

This is time of new beginnings for my wife and I as tonight we are launching, not only our new website and “Virtual Study Hall”, but also a unique “Virtual Shabbat” through LIVE Streaming on YouTube. If you can’t join us LIVE, then you can catch it as a recording by going to michael-david.org and clicking on the image of the table. Once you are at the YouTube Channel you should see the recording there. Be sure and join us there Friday nights at 7pm EST. Soon we will be establishing a network that will allow us to fellowship around the table with real-time two way video communication so our special guests will sit in and share music and conversation and stream out to as many viewers who would like to watch.

Here are some thoughts about the significance of what we are doing tonight…

In this modern age dominated by the crush of communication on the Internet and social media, the world cries out in so many voices to be heard and recognized. It is the rebirth of the Tower of Babel whose original intent was to make a statement of significance. Everyone has a legitimate need for significance. Sadly, many people look for this in a dysfunctional manner apart from the heart of God. Our heart’s yearning is to know and be known and appreciated for who we are not for what we do. So in an attempt at attaining this we have invented computer based relational systems where we can have a thousand “friends” and not be really known by any of them. It’s rather ironic, isn’t it?

However, the technology is not all bad. It is possible to use these platforms to reach out to each other and in sincerity and share our lives. In our ministry travels around the world we have had the opportunity to connect with thousands of precious people who we have experience the intimacy of moments with the Holy Spirit. The Internet gives an opportunity to stay connected. As believers we have a God-given bent to want to hang out with each other. In fact, Revelation 3:20 says the first thing that the Lord wants to do when we open the door of our hearts to him is to sit down and have a meal with us.

So tonight we are having our first Virtual Shabbat. As we have traveled, especially as we have held Schools of the Prophetic Harp, our fondest memories have been times of breaking of bread on Friday nights – especially in Israel. Now we are using LIVE Streaming technology to share this with our friends. We will be singing and playing harp and inviting our friends to be with us again and perhaps some new friends as well. Let’s enter into this Holy Experiment and see how we can meet with the Lord around the table…there is no distance with God!



Written by : Super User