Thank you for purchasing my book The Frequency of the Supernatural and using it in your study group or for just your own study. I believe that you will find this

book and study guide to be life transforming. The study guide can be downloaded as a PDF entitled “The Frequency of the Supernatural Study Questions and Answers.pdf” by clicking on the link on this webpage. The study notes are laid out so that you can print off the questions for a given chapter and hand it out to your group to assign a chapter to read and then answer the questions. You can also print off just the questions from the PDF entitled “The Frequency of the Supernatural Study Questions.pdf”. Feel free to email these questions to your group if you would like.

I recommend that everyone in the study group have a copy of the book to read and study. Additional copies can be purchased by clicking the button on this webpage.

We are also excited about the production of “The Frequency of the Supernatural - Study Guide DVD” which has an introduction to each chapter as well as the questions and answers as presented by me personally. Currently, we are shooting these segments, but we would like to make them available to you as we produce them. When you purchase this video version of the study guide (just click on the button on this website, make your payment, and fill in the form) a link to these segments will be emailed to you every week. Once the segments are complete we will mail you a copy of the DVD. The menu on the DVD makes it easy to select each chapter and use this to run your study group.

I trust that you will be deeply enriched as you study The Frequency of the Supernatural and explore the Mysteries of God’s Quantum Universe.