A Prophetic Word for Our Friends in the USA


As a Canadian, I have had the privilege of traveling throughout the United States and have been blessed to have been in relationship with many wonderful believers. I have an affinity for my many friends in the USA and have followed the drama of the presidential elections over the years. I have often prayed for the plans and purposes of the Lord to come to pass in this country. Here is a word I believe the Lord has spoken for the USA…


Proclaim to the United States that I have declared a Jubilee over America. I have pronounced a season of freedom over this country that has never before been experienced. Though in the past presidency I allowed the yoke of oppression that was contrary to my heart – see, I have appointed a new man for this office which will do all that is in my heart. It was under this heavy yoke that was on your country, that my Bride had groaned just like my people Israel groaned under Pharaoh. Just like in the days of the Exodus, I have heard the cry of my people and have delivered you. Though my people had slumbered and did not rise up previously, now you will rise up and take the place of authority that I have destined and ordained for you to walk in. It was due to the cries that went up to me that this change has taken place. Do not be complacent during this season of freedom. Take every opportunity to establish my Kingdom while the heavens are open and the time of harvest is at hand. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest sends out laborers and don’t be surprised if in answer to your prayers, the Lord of the Harvest calls on you.

The president has been raised up to show favor to Zion in these end times and a great blessing will be released as his administration takes their stand with my people Israel. For I will bless those that bless her and curse those that curse her. There has been a strategic alliance I have made in the backrooms of governance. I have whispered into the hearts of many leaders in America and they will treat Israel kindly and will remove the veils of lies which the world has believed concerning my people and their land and your leaders will see the truth of the matter.

Don’t be deceived, the nations will rage against my chosen ones, but for a season there is a time of restraint where my plans an my purposes for the world will be done. As long as my people pray and turn from their wicked ways I will use America to be a source of healing and preservation of that which is good for the world. I have raised her up to be a missionary sending nation to bring in the end times harvest. Pray that my called out ones will be obedient and do the job I have called them to. But also, be a generous people because I have declared through my servant David that even those who do not go out in direct military conflict will get the spoils of war, even though they stayed behind to take care of the “stuff” in the camp of provision.

To those who go, go with great joy for there will be the greatest out pouring of my Spirit than has ever been. This is a great time to be alive and serving the Living God. Signs are Wonders will accompany those who worship in Spirit and Truth and those who deliver a pure Word, those who have been purified through the fire of affliction. They are now ready for the task and must be sent out.

To those who don’t go but in their hearts long to see the Kingdom established, that’s OK. Give with great joy, because those who give, so that those can go, will have the same reward.

So pick up your cross and follow me, for there is no other place that you will find satisfaction of your souls… For I alone have the Words of Eternal Life!

Written by : Super User