2016 - Ottawa School of the Prophetic Harp

November 4 to 11

Rental Harps are Available

Introductory Classes

November 4th, 5th and 6th with option for extended

class time from November 7th till the 11th
Classes run Fri. Nov. 4th - 1pm till 8pm and

Sat. Nov. 5th - 9am till 4pm and Sun. Nov. 6th - 1pm till 5pm
Extended Classes run November 7th to 11th - daily

from 9am to 4pm

Vixen Harps in the historic            
"Besserer House" across from   
St. Albans Church
149 Daly Avenue

Instruction Includes:

• Hands-on harp instruction and the prophetic - rental harps available
• Learn the specific music theory enabling you to play in a spontaneous style
• Mastering of chord and scale set up of harp including Hebraic styles
• Interpretation of a chord chart (i.e. lyrics with chords written in)
• Insights into how to flow in a prophetic song
• Mastering the “Harp and Bowl” model as used in the IHOP Kansas (with an
emphasis on utilizing the harp)
• How to use the Bible as a tool in the prophetic song
• Biblical teaching on:
1. The harp and its role in; worship, intercession, the prophetic,
and the restoration of the Tabernacle of David and the nation of Israel
2. The place of music in spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing
3. The qualifications of a New Testament ‘Levite’ and the purification process
4. The Melchizedek Paradigm... and much more!

How to Enroll
To enroll in the Ottawa, November 2016 School of the Prophetic Harp, please send us an email at info@propheticharp.com and let us know of your intention to come. Please provide your name and phone number and we will forward you a short registration questionnaire by replying to your email.

Class space is limited so you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 to hold your spot in the class. Please note that tuition does not include accommodations or meals.To reserve your place in the class please click on the BUY NOW button immediately below. You can make any of these payments via major credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account - simply follow the instructions after clicking on the button.


The balance due will be collected on the first day of class along with a rental fee of $100 + $13 tax = $113 if you require a rental harp

OR... If you wish, you may pay your full tuition for either the 3 day introductory classes at $250 OR for the full 8 days at $650. Please make payment by clicking on the appropriate BUY NOW button below. Thank You!

$250 payment for 3 day school 

$650 - payment for all 8 days