If you can't make it to a harp school or are wanting ongoing training it is now possible through new technology to take lessons online. Through a special Internet platform two-way video and audio with a student or class allows for interactive sessions where Michael-David can give you LIVE instruction.The platform is called JamKazam. This technology has been specially designed for optimum speed for real-time audio and video (drastically reducing latency compared with services such as Skype). This allows for students and teacher to play together over long distances. Performance varies depending on what part of the globe you are on and the speed of your Internet connection.

Student fees will vary depending on level of musical ability and the number of students that are participating in a given session. A Premium is given for individual lessons and the cost is reduced when harp students are learning as a group in a given location(s). Emphasis will be on playing in group sessions as the learning experience is much more fun when a group is playing together and Michael-David encourages groups in the same location to begin to minister together.

To sign up for lessons and assessment of costs please click on the Contact Us button and send us an email indicating your desire to participate. Please provide your location, some background as to your musical experience, your spiritual walk with God, and if you have a harp - what size (how many strings). If you do not have a harp, we are dealers for Harpsicle Harps by Rees Harps Inc. and we recommend this harp for our students because of quality, portability and price.