CD - "A Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl"

"A Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl" - Spirit-breathed Instrumental  Harp soaking music was created to usher you into the Throne Room of God, where the 24 elders with harps receive the prayers of the saints in golden bowls as incense (Rev 5:8). Birthed during hours of worshiping in the presence of the Lord, the lyrical strains of the solo harp, weaves intricate, lush, layered harmonies. Passionate and spontaneous melodies portray prophetic themes that reflect lyrics straight from the Word of God (included on the insert).

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To listen to samples of the tracks and see the lyrics that are associated with the instrumental harp music

International prophetic harp instructor, Michael-David, invites you to experience a taste of the heavenlies through these Spirit-breathed songs.

This music is well suited for your own times of personal devotions, for use during times of prayer and altar calls, and special moments that call for healing and deliverance.

Students from the Jerusalem School of the Prophetic Harp are featured on tracks 5, 6 and 9, where 14 harpists worshiped on the Mount of Olives for 30 days.

Ray Hughes, my close friend and often co-speaker, called me a while back and shared his experience with harpist Michael-David. Ray has the unique consciousness of true worship and spiritual position for psalmists creating the sounds and music that Yahweh inhabits!

I immediately called Michael... (more)

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