“A Camelot Christmas Tale” is a delightful parable set in the myth of King Arthur and has been shown throughout all 50 states on the NRB Network as well as on the CTS Network across Canada. Be sure and check out the highlights on YouTube below. Just as Jesus used stories to communicate spiritual truth, this seasonal musical tells the tale of Arthur’s court and an orphaned boy who finds the true meaning of Christmas from Merlin’s discovery of the message of the Magi. Filmed on location in a real castle and with song and dance, knights and sword fight, A Camelot Christmas Tale is festive fun for the whole family.

singing prophetic songs over individuals and large groups of people. In the tradition of the bards of old, who told their tales of truth to embolden their people to nobility, I also have created works of music and drama to draw hearts to the King of Heaven.

At this time of year, believers are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Messiah and are searching for ways to express this in a meaningful way, particularly in the form of gifts to loved-ones. That is why I am making available a special production (see dramatized DVD below) that presents the joy that is God’s gift to us that came in the form of a baby born in Bethlehem.

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