Michael-David and his wife Zsiporah are a Messianic couple who have ministered in music for over 30 years with a distinct Hebraic emphasis. They have appeared on Canada’s #1 daily Christian TV program 100 Huntley Street on a number of occasions and in Israel at the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles before thousands of international visitors and delegates as well as ministering at the All Nations Convocation with the Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations for multiple years.

As a harpist, composer and producer, Michael, along with his wife, who is an author and singer, have produced original musicals including: The Feast of the Ages (available on DVD) and A Camelot Christmas Tale that has aired across North America.They are also credited as Executive Producers for a number of feature length films in conjunction with CubeCity Entertainment.

They were the founders and directors of the KingsBridge School, a classical Christian academic and school of the arts. They currently are the directors of the KingsBridge Arts Round Table, a non-profit Christian Arts organization as well as providing leadership the Chautauqua Movement in Muskoka, Canada.

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The video clips below are endorsements for the Harpella by Cindy Jacobs and David Van Koevering as well as an explanation by the inventor.

Above is a link to a short video introducing you to the life and ministry of Michael-David and Zsiporah (2min 14 sec).


This concept music video was composed and produced by Michael-David and was shot during the total eclipse of the "Blood Moon" in Jerusalem, Israel, September 2015. This song is available as a bonus track on the CD "Chrysalis" at www.propheticharp.com/bloodmoon

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This video is features the song "Here I Am In Yerushalayim" (5min 28sec) whose chorus was written by Michael-David and verses by Zsiporah as it was imparted to her in her sleep while they were both leading the School of the Prophetic on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Michael-David, is a Psalmist who leads worship and holds harp schools internationally. He has a calling to help restore the harp as a prominent instrument for worship and prayer.

Michael-David is the founder of the School of the Prophetic Harp and has given instruction in Davidic Psalmistry in Israel, North America and around the world.